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We thought that as the countdown clock ticks ever onwards towards our first #MicroBizMattersDay that we’d feel more nervous.  But thanks to all the effort and energy you amazing #Rockers are putting in there’s nothing to worry about and we just can’t wait for the day.

It is by far the most exciting, totally indie event for #MicroBiz everywhere. It can really make a difference on #customers and #cashflow  for us all.

The wonderful Mary Cummings, who  looks after the Rockers’ Facebook group,  summed it up a couple of weeks ago with her announcement to her substantial ‘Work Your Way’ network  when she said  “So everyone, will you be taking part in our fab social media event on 9th January? We’re hoping it will be “Live Aid for Microbusinesses” – but better! In a nutshell, we’d love you to commit to just 9 minutes to helping each other.”

Everyone seems to get it and we are enterprise in action.

Networks around the world can promote #MicroBizMattersDay without fear

Four years ago, when we were working out how to set up the Enterprise Rockers movement to make life better for micro enterprise owners  everywhere it was about how do we achieve the ‘Power Of Plenty’.

We knew if the Enterprise Rockers was seen as a membership organisation or a money maker for the founders that it wouldn’t work.  We’d be in competition with thousands and thousands of networks, whereas our aim was to unite networks – to come together now and again to support a common cause.

Free, indie and no contact details required was our way of getting the trust of all these networks and #MicroBizMattersDay is the proof that we can truly achieve the #PowerOfPlenty.

It has been fabulous that so many of you have sent us your press releases and announcements but you don’t have to – we are not corporate – enjoy the lead up and the day in your own #Rocking way 🙂  Anything you do send us we’ll try to add to this site.

Fabulous ideas for how to give 9 minutes

We’re constantly adding to this site all your ideas on how biz owners can give 9 minutes to help on #Customers #Cashflow and #Chat. Not surprisingly you are coming up with ideas we’d never have dreamt of.

We must give a #rocking standing ovation to Louise Barson of My Life Pack who has come up with the idea of 9xTable Briefings which get 3 to 9 biz owners together to promote themselves through social media for 9 minutes. It can be done anywhere in the world and will help with getting more customers. Louise has produced a briefing to help any groups to set this up. It’s terrific and once Louise has finalised the briefing pack it will appear in the #Customers #Cashflow & #Chat Suggestions for 9 minutes ideas sections.

Live Streaming from London  

To ensure we keep it indie – for #MicroBiz by #MicroBiz  we haven’t accepted any money from corporate sponsors (you can if you want) to help with #MicroBizMattersDay.

BUT we are accepting some premises and technology in London for the day, from some big names. We’ll announce it shortly, but basically it will allow Tony to invite and interview business owners throughout the day who will give an inspiring 9 minutes of tips which will help with #Customers or #Cashflow.

We can broadcast these stories and tips around the world and that will hopefully, inspire more business owners, to give 9 minutes themselves.

In Other News


Tina Boden, pictured, in front of the British Prime Minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street has been all over the media in the last week.

That’s because as well as co-founding Enterprise Rockers, Tina is an Ambassador for Small Business Saturday.  In the weeks leading up to last Saturday Tina attended many events around the country to support thousands of micro business owners. On the day Tina, along with her husband Neal, travelled the length and breadth of England’s biggest (and, in my view,  best) county Yorkshire.

Not only did Small Business Saturday make a £half a billion for small businesses, it allowed Tina to build up the excitement towards what more we can achieve on #MicroBizMattersDay.

Keep the IDEAS  and NEWS coming   

Use @EnterpriseRocks, @TonyRobinsonOBE, @MicroBizGirl and the #MicroBizMattersDay hashtag to give us your news and ideas for the big day.

Thank you – #YouFlippingWellRock 🙂

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