What is #MicroBizMatters Day?

#MicroBizMatters Day is the only annual day of recognition, action and learning for micro business owners anywhere, those that employ 0 to 9 or turnover up to £2 million annually. Being part of this rocking day is only a click away! Decide how you will be part of the #MicroBizMatters Day phenomenon then start spreading the word.

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What it’s all about

#MicroBizMatters Day is a great time bitcoin investing to recognise the rocking things that micro businesses, their owners and staff achieve and the benefits they bring. It is a day to give recognition to the smallest businesses around you that benefit communities, regions & nations.
They say actions speak louder investing in bitcoin than words. #MicroBizMatters Day is a great day for you to buy from, promote, support or just discover micro businesses offline or online. Do something that will make a difference to a micro business owner however small that action is.

Tina Boden & Tony Robinson investing in bitcoin south africa OBE have run micro businesses separately and together for a combined period of more than 60 years. During that time there has been success, struggles and a lot of learning. They know the best people to learn from are those that have been there and done it.

Who Makes #MicroBizMatters Day Rock?

You don’t have to be a micro business to get involved with #MicroBizMatters Day. Maybe you are a company that supplies those that employ 0 to 9 or you love to buy from the smallest of businesses in your community or online. Micro business owners, suppliers and customers can all be part of #MicroBizMatters Day.

Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE, the co-founders of the #MicroBizMatters movement, share their main event online so you can join them from your desk, the train, as you rush between meetings or while you wait outside school for the kids. However #MicroBizMatters Day is not just about the main event, you can hold your own party or choose other ways to get involved and spread the word that micro business matters.

In 2017 #MicroBizMatters Day was hosted in London by Premier Partners, Pimlico Plumbers. Charlie Mullins OBE, Pimlico Plumbers Founder, and Kanya King MBE, Founder & CEO of the MOBO Awards, joined Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE for the Q & A session as part of the day.

Where it all Began

Tina Boden

Tina Boden

Tina Boden, The TinyTroubleshooter, is one of the UK’s leading voices for micro business & co-founder of the @MicroBizMatters movement, working to make life better for those that employ 0 to 9.

More about Tina

Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE is the Micro Business Champion, a national & international promoter of best practice in enterprise skills and support for over 20 years and multiple founder and business owner.

More about Tony

Our 2018 Guest Speakers Include..

Naomi Timperley

Let’s Rock

Paul Lancaster

Digital Know-how

Penny Power

Strong Minds, Strong Business

Rachel & Laura Beattie

09.15- 10.00
Family Business

Charlie Mullins OBE

Live From London

Duncan McCombe

Freelance Heroes

Julia Emelogu

11.00- 11.45
Makers, Creators & Manufacturers

Janet Jack

Network Of Networks

Kate Hardcastle

Network Of Networks

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Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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