Guests on #MicroBizMattersDay Are Among Top 40 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs

logoOn New Year’s Day it was announced that five of our #rocking studio guests for #MicroBizMattersDay got into the top 40 of the The 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs:

Penny Power OBE: 22
Chris Percival: 32
Tim Campbell MBE: 36
Charlie Mullins OBE: 38
Emma Jones MBE: 40

You can see the rest of the list here:

#IGave8: Antony Chesworth

Antony Chesworth owner and founder of the UK’s most popular ecommerce platform with over over £1.1m worth of transactions per day, shares 8 things you need to know about ecommerce for #MicroBizMattersDay #IGave8

1 – If you are serious about having an ecommerce website then one that is built by a friend of a friend will no longer cut it, you will face stiff competition from day one and so need a ecommerce website that can cut it and stand shoulder to shoulder with the ecommerce giants.

2 – Use an ecommerce platform that is constantly evolving meaning your site is always upto date with the latest technologies. It also means you won’t need to pay additional costs to add new features and functionality.

3 – There is no such thing as a free ecommerce system. People assume that freely available open source platforms are free, they are anything but free as you have to sort out your own web hosting, updates and learn a technically advanced system, plus you will need to fix any bugs or issues as they arise.  If you take all this into account they end up costing you considerably more than even the most expensive hosted ecommerce systems.  

4 – Ensure you have full control over your ecommerce website’s content. If you need to make a change to your products pricing you want to be able to do this quickly and easily yourself, if there’s a hot product you have just got hold of that no one else has you want to be able to add it to your site now, not tomorrow or when someone else eventually gets round to it.

5 – A mobile optimised site is essential for online sales, google gives priority rankings to sites that are optimised for mobile. Over 50% of search is conducted using smartphones and other devices when compared to desktops. People are now using and buying with a mobile, tablet or other device, in fact you are probably reading this article with one now!

6 – Simplify the checkout process and get more sales, don’t ask people to login or create user accounts it’s another distraction from completing the checkout process. Keep it simple.

7 –  Discount codes are another distraction often taking customers off your website and onto Google to look for them when they see the discount code box on your website. If they don’t find one it can leave a bad taste because the customer knows someone else is getting a better deal than them.

8 – Use internet optimised payment gateways such as PayPal, Klarna and Amazon Payments that don’t require people to have the hassle and inconvenience of finding and then entering lengthy credit card forms, 3d secure and more password checks.  

About and why Antony Chesworth owner and founder is supporting #Microbizdaymatters.

Antony Chesworth is the owner and founder of which has grown to become the UK’s largest hosted ecommerce platform.

With a shop turnover of £1.1m per day (almost half a billion pounds per year) has helped over 45,000 businesses to set up and run their own successful online shops.

Clients include familiar names such as Lotus Cars, O2, Michelin Tyres, Future Publishing, Madame Tussauds, The NHS, ITV, The BBC as well as tens of thousands of SMEs and Micro Businesses.

I’m supporting #microbizdaymatters as I owe a lot of my success to micro businesses and they all deserve recognition and acknowledgement, as owning and running your own business isn’t easy.

As a young 22 year old with a start up company, I was told countless times how my business wouldn’t work and built up masses of credit card debt eventually ending up on the dole,  if it wasn’t for Micro Businesses using and supporting me I wouldn’t be where I am today, they are at the core of what we do and they deserve to be celebrated

Micro businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and they don’t get the recognition that they deserve here in the UK it’s time that we shouted about all these amazing businesses and the people and stories behind them.

Twitter: @antonychesworth