North Notts Business Connections is the home of brilliant networking and business support in the North Notts region and with NO MEMBERSHIP FEES.

Imagine making quality business connections, gaining fabulous leads and referrals, accessing invaluable sources of key business information and expert advice. That’d feel brilliant, wouldn’t it?

With North Notts BC you can and this means that YOU do MORE business!

We’ve connected many hundreds of firms in this amazing emerging business region over 7 ½ years and the jewel in the crown is the North Notts Business Awards.

Come along to discover the endless opportunities that await you.

Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

The nation’s micro businesses provide the backbone of both the local and national economies and create a massive proportion of the country’s quality employment opportunities and GPD. They may be little but what they generate and contribute is HUGE!

In the face of deceasing support from Government and ever increasing red tape, micro businesses across the land continue start up, to be ingenious, to diversify and to shine. But increasing long term survival rates is the ultimate goal.

Mutual support and collaboration is the key to helping small business owners to keep going, to survived and to flourish and thrive.

And that’s just what Enterprise Rockers and #MicroBizMattersDay is all about.

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