Thanks for getting involved on our day of actions.

Thank you all – you’re wonderful – business networks, membership bodies and business owners and business owners’ customers and colleagues. Tens if not hundreds of thousands will now give 9 minutes and the success of our first, annual #MicroBizMattersDay is now assured.

Year on year it will get bigger and involve more countries and we hope will eventually include arena events too. For now though, we’re just delighted that it will be the biggest social media event for the self employed and micro business owners in the world. As Mary Cummings has said this is our ‘social media Live Aid’.

When we started promoting Jan 9 Give 9 minutes two months ago, we had many thousands of Enterprise Rockers and Friends of Enterprise Rockers (business networks) so we were confident we could make it rock – but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all our new Friends around the world for joining in.


Because the global, Enterprise Rockers free, indie, self help community and movement (3 years old on Jan 9) has been totally funded by the two co-founders and is not a membership organisation then we never will require you to give us your contact details. We rely on you to click onto this website for updates so please click on here for more news and thank you’s as we get closer to Friday, Jan 9th. Send Jo Harrison your news or 9 minute ideas and Jo will add it to this site.

We will try to count, or at least estimate, the number of 9 minute actions that the self employed and business owners give on the day to help their fellow self employed and business owners with gaining #customers or improving #cashflow. So please remember to tweet “I’ve given 9 mins on #MicroBizMattersDay to help others with #Customers” (or #Cashflow).

Live streaming and Google hangouts on the day

We’re very grateful to Sage UK and Google Apps for Work for combining to provide the studios and technology at Google’s London HQ to allow us to keep the day rocking throughout the world. I’ll be in the London studio and Tina will be online from France.

We have over 40 business owner guests to chat to on the day, some famous that are plumbers, rock musicians and TV stars. Just go to Google+ on the day and you’ll find us.

January 6th Newsletter (with schedule)

For those of you that would like to receive our newsletter which comes out on Jan 6th with the day’s schedule you’ll need to either give Jo your email address or remember to click onto this site.

#KeepRocking – not long now, so tell all your friends to give 9 minutes to help micro (0-9 staff) business owners everywhere in the world.

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