Our build up to our second global #MicroBizMattersDay on January 8th 2016  has already started. It is going to be massive.

Many new partnerships are being forged to make an even bigger impact.  The day of live streaming around the world will be available through many more channels.  Hundreds of thousands of micro business owners in many countries will give at least eight minutes to help other micro business owners.

Start Your Business Magazine in the UK, Asia and Arabia will be promoting the day. Journolink are providing all the PR and media relations. Sage UK are again providing the studios and live streaming facilities in London.

Studio guests to be interviewed by Tina and Tony and joined by micro business owner guests through Google Hangout will include: Charlie Mullins OBE (the world’s most famous plumber), Tim Campbell MBE (the first The Apprentice winner), MOBO award winning rapper Sway, new and inspirational young global entrepreneur Chris Percival, digital entrepreneur and supreme networker Penny Power OBE and many of the fabulous Enterprise Rockers’ Head Roadies for the Day such as Tracey Bird and Elaine Clark … lots more to be announced,  so watch this space.

Watch the videos from this year’s show and check out the 9 minute suggested ideas section to get ideas for how you’re going to give 8 minutes on the day to help other micro business owners.

One thing’s for sure there’ll be thousands of #rocking micro business owners’ online and offline parties on #MicroBizMattersDay Jan 8. #RockOn – can’t wait.   

Our First Global #MicroBizMattersDay January 9th 2015

Shortly after our first, global #MicroBizMattersDay I’m scoffing some fabudelish, giant chocolates with ‘You Rock’ on them. They’re a fabulous gift to Tina, Paul (Sage UK) and I for organising the day.  It’s torture as the remaining, 6 chocolates, for Tina and Paul are here with me at Enterprise Rockers HQ, opposite Scarborough station, and it will be a few days before I see Paul and Tina to give them their chocolates. I shouldn’t have told them there were 9 giant chocolates – I should have said 3. 

The gift was from two publishing micro businesses Marianne of Cobweb Information and Julie of Essential Business. They were made by Mike of Owow Chocolates, who I interviewed in the #FoodAndDrinkHour on #MicroBizMattersDay. I think this gift sums up #MicroBizMattersDay for me – we rocked the world by showing the generosity and contribution micro biz owners, 96% of all businesses in the UK, make. 

Social media went ballistic, the media switched onto it and wanted interviews all day, thousands watched the live streaming from Google HQ and most of the Google staff stopped work to watch the interviews, particularly, with Charlie Mullins and Sway and hundreds of thousands of self employed and micro business owners got involved throughout the day. It is the generosity of people giving 9 minutes to help others that I’ll remember forever. 

Sway 2

Of course, this is just the start.  The success of the day has led to many contacting us to be involved in next year’s. It will be bigger still, with more live recognition of biz owners’ products and services, more live music from pro musos and many more countries participating. Tina and I, also won’t forget to recognise all those that got right behind the first #MicrobizMattersDay more than those ‘fence sitters’ that have now approached us now that it is a success. Politicians, of all types, have criticised Tina and I for saying that we don’t believe that they really care about the self employed and micro business owners making a reasonable living. 

Career politicians do as their party leaders require. So, they are interested in ‘Entrepreneurs’, ‘Celebrities’, ‘SMEs’, ‘Leaders’, ‘Scale Ups’, ‘Gazelles’, ‘Growth businesses’, ‘Technology businesses’ ‘Incubators’, ‘University Enterprise’ and so forth. These terms do not relate to the majority of successful, fabulous business owners we interviewed all day that provide nearly all of most countries’ new jobs, innovation, growth and community support. Well,  politicians will struggle to criticise us now.  Despite Tina spending over 5 weeks of unpaid time, in the 6 months, leading up to #MicroBizMattersDay, alongside politicians on such as, Small Business Saturday, not one politician turned up to support our day or even so much retweeted it was happening in the 50 days of intense social media activity leading up to the day. They’ll be all over us like a rash now. 

Enterprise Rockers is not political and supports everything and every campaign that we believe will make life better for micro enterprise owners everywhere. From the beginning, January 9th 2012, we’ve ensured that the Enterprise Rockers are no threat to any existing network of business owners.  We do that by being free, indie, no membership – no contact details required and informal. #MicroBizMattersDay proved to Tina and I that co-founding and co-funding Enterprise Rockers is worth it – together we’ll #rocking show the world that not only do we #matter but we’ll help each other make our business lives better. Thanks for a terrific, #rocking day – but you ain’t seen nothing yet – January 8th 2016 Give 8 minutes

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