As promised we managed to get the two news releases on #MicroBizMattersDay Jan 9 out on Nov 9.  Why did we do two? Well the longer release is for journos we know well and those friends of the Enterprise Rockers that will promote it to their networks of self employed people and business owners.  They can cut and paste the paragraphs and add in their own words of support, in their own house style. The second shorter release (a PDF in our media kit) was for the journo-link press distribution service.

The amount of activity is phenomenal (have I spelt that right – should have used my fave word – ‘awesome’?) as networks get their messages of support and calls for action out there.  We’re certain to  reach many hundreds of thousands around the world that will take action on the day. I’m equally sure that the reason we will is that Enterprise Rockers doesn’t ask for contact details – they’re your networks.  We’re only interested in actions, not words, which help each other.  All we want is 9 minutes of time and  no money – good job most of us are skint! It will be fab for us all, everywhere.

It’s also amazing to see how some large organisations  are continually raising their game to be truly micro enterprise friendly.  Sage UK has over 830,000 micro biz customers and this is what they’ve done to promote #MicroBizMattersDay  and more importantly, they pay all their suppliers within 30 days.  Awesome!

Our next big deadline is December 9th when there will be a second global news release saying what is going to happen on January 9th #MicroBizMattersDay.  There will also be an email  newsletter going out to our 4500 Friends of Enterprise Rockers (if you want one then you’ll have to give us your e-mail address on the main website).

In the meantime Tina, Jo and I will keep doing media stuff, trying to keep this site up to date with what you’re doing in your networks and, of course, list all your suggestions as to what you’ll be doing in your 9 minutes of actions to help other self employed and micro biz owners. Keep us informed and #KeepRocking 🙂

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