1. Promote Tony’s global You Tube appeal for helpers.
  2. Online and offline media coverage. We need as many microbiz PR companies, large organization PR departments and agencies, journalists and freelance writers to take our press releases and ‘story’ and get it out to their media contacts. They can publicise their business by saying ‘XXXXXX is supporting #MicroBizMatterDay on January 9th. Releases and photos are all downloadable from the Media Kit.
  3. Country leadership. We can take the lead in co-ordinating and answering questions from the press for England but for all other countries we need volunteers that are micro enterprise owners themselves and know what might make life better in their countries. We need to have contact details of these country volunteers so that when asked we can signpost/say to the press “Contact Elsa in New York on ………………” It need only be a Twitter address.
  4. Selfies and Photos. We want as many pictures of people in their biz prior to and on the day. In action shots would be fab & in groups & promoting their microbiz. Use the hashtag #MicroBizMattersDay. Please send them to us via social media or email (find all ways you can in the photo to promote your business).
  5. Streaming video. For England Tony is going to be in a London business where the media and supporters can visit him. His day will be video streamed. Other country leaders may want to do the same. So we need business owners with the premises, the know how, the technology and the cameras to make it happen.
  6. We need national and international media to take up our #MicroBizMattersDay story now

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