We found out today that Jimmy Page’s birthday is on #MicroBizMattersDay. That’s handy because one of our Rockers is Dirty Jack Tanner, lead guitarist in the fabulous band Hats Off to Led Zeppelin. Jan 9th is also co-founder Tina Boden’s birthday and the 3rd birthday of the Rockers. Put these 3 events together & there must be a fab publicity angle – I need more chocolate and rioja before I can tell you what it is! 

So many people have responded today, from England, Scotland, Ireland, Africa and Australia to my video appeal that I’m still getting through all my ‘thank you’ responses but it is fab.  We need as many helpers as we can get in the run up. Two big biz that are micro enterprise friendly have also offered to get info out to their customers. 

The fabulous JournoLink are busy putting together our November 9th press release and they are mega enthusiastic. A great day.

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