PR Tips for Micro Biz Owners on #MicroBizMattersDay – 8 tips on January 8 2016

1. Have an up to date website with your contact information including your phone number clearly visible. As your website is your on-line brochure, it must be up to date.  Up-date it at least once a month.

2. Think of the superb quality customer service you can offer and aim to communicate this to your customers and potential customers through all that you do.

3. People do business with people they like, and people generally like what they know. This is where PR and publicity has a role. If you are already known to a customer because you interact on Twitter or Facebook, or you’ve read about them in a local newspaper or heard them on radio, you have experienced a sales touchpoint. Sales experts say that you need to typically achieve 7 ‘touchpoints’ before a sale, so PR can help speed up the process.

4. Know the target audiences for your customers and then each month write a blog on your website that appeals to them. You will have knowledge that they want to know and if you share your wisdom, people will want to know more. Share the blog through social media.

5. Get to know your local media well, as local newspaper journalists are generally supportive of micro businesses. Buy the papers regularly and extract contact details.  Listen to local radio programmes too. Offer comment on a local issue that is of interest to you and your customers.

6. Prepare Media Information in the form of a press release with a short biography on the business owner. Consider timely news hooks eg is Valentine’s Day of relevance to your business, or the summer Wedding Season? Could your business support the Queen’s 90th Birthday this year? Does your product or service save lives or contribute to improved mental health or tackle any big issues? Share the press release with your local media contacts (having the name of the town or city in the headline) and on your website, share with your customers and suppliers. Look at support services such as and Also Tweet the link of your press release to your followers and to journalists on Twitter who you think will find it of interest. Be sure to include a great photo to support the story to increase the chances of it being used. Be patient. If you get little feedback, try again and tackle the story from a different angle or look at a different story.

7. Most businesses benefit from membership to local or national clubs and societies. For example, local Chambers of Commerce are receptive to micro business owners, who can network with other local businesses. Likewise, you may be a member of a professional or trade association. If so, get the most from your subscription and be sure that your voice is heard at a national level.

8. Support a local good cause, such as a charity or social enterprise, so that together you can have a positive impact on your community. Again, if you make a contribution, such as volunteering your time expertise, this will pay huge dividends in the long term.

Information provided by Tina Fotherby at on January 2 2016.


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