Over the weekend I introduced my 4 year old Granddaughter to what is in my opinion the best Christmas movie ever, Miracle on 34th Street. If you have never seen it might I suggest you find a couple of hours, grab a mince pie, a cup of Yorkshire tea and treat yourself to some ME time to get that festive feel.

My boys, now 25 & 19, have been subjected to this film every Christmas for as long as I can remember & have had instilled in them that ‘non-believers’ don’t get gifts at Christmas. Father Christmas still brings presents on Christmas Eve in our house which is a nightmare for my sleep pattern when the Youngest Boden, our home based son, doesn’t get in from a night out until well after Santa should have been. He is far too old to bribe with an early night on Christmas Eve, believer or not.

Seeing is believing.

The ethos of believing throughout the film got me thinking about a question I am often asked ‘Why did you and Tony (Robinson OBE) start #MicroBizMatters?’ The answer for me is quite simple – ‘because we believe that micro businesses make a big difference to the economy & do not get enough recognition or support’.

You only need to look at the number of micro businesses within a community, amongst the family and friends on your Christmas card list or that spring up on your social media feed to realise how many there are around you. Over 5 million people in the UK run businesses that employ between 0 & 9 and turnover less than £2 million, the European definition of a micro business.

Don’t stop believing!

The determination of most micro business owners to succeed in what can be difficult trading times is an indication of the belief they have to have in themselves. But believing in yourself can often be hard if customers are scarce, cash flow is tight or you work on your own day in and day out and there is no one to share your thoughts, concerns or successes with.

Don’t let the exterior fool you, I know many micro business owners that are struggling to believe in themselves as they should. It is up to us to help them; to believe in them, to buy from them, to promote them and to support them.

Tony and I believe that #MicroBizMatters and on Friday 12th January 2018, coming live from XYZ Works & Social in Manchester and reaching over 1 million micro business owners through the network of networks that believe in us, we will show you just how important it is that you don’t stop believing that micro business matters. Coming together for a day of celebration through recognition, action and learning creates the power of plenty that is needed to drive the up and coming #MicroBizMatters Movement.

So come on, grab that air guitar, crank up the sound and enjoy the message from Journey – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

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