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Tony Robinson OBE is the Micro Business Champion, a national & international promoter of best practice in enterprise skills and support for over 20 years and multiple founder and business owner. His ‘Micro Magic’ Conference Talk suggests a better way than the ‘American Way’ to start and grow an enterprise. This talk is based on his popular, fictional satire – ‘Freedom From Bosses Forever’.

Tony co-founded Enterprise Rockers C.I.C. with Tina Boden in January 2012; their mission was to make life in micro business better and then have fought for this ever since. Enterprise Rockers became the #MicroBizMatters Movement and the first #MicroBizMatters Day was held on 9th January 2015 – a day of recognition, action & learning for micro business owners everywhere.

Additionally Tony holds a number of voluntary leadership positions for national & regional social enterprises which promote & support entrepreneurs. In 1996 he found, & still co-owns, SFEDI – the UK Government recognised Sector Skills Body, that includes the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, for Enterprise & Business Support.

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Tony Robinson OBE

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