Tina Boden

Tina Boden

Photography by Rais Hasan LRPS LDPS

Tina Boden, The TinyTroubleshooter, is one of the UK’s leading voices for micro business & co-founder of the @MicroBizMatters movement, working to make life better for those that employ 0 to 9.

Third generation self-employed, Tina is a passionate Ambassador for both independent & family businesses & spends about 90% of her shopping budget, both business and personal, with micro and independent businesses.

A constant connector, Tina is always bringing people and organisations together to make a difference. She is a problem solver, a speaker, a writer and a giver of time.

At the moment her time is given to roles as Chair of the Andrew McGeown Legacy Fund, a constituted branch of the RNLI and Honorary Treasurer of Scarborough Lifeboat Management Group.

Sometimes Tina also becomes Mrs B #TheBandBKeeper !

To find out more about Tina check out all she shares at:


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