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Head Roadie for Social Business
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Adrian Ashton

After graduating with a business degree after 5 years at a University in Cambridge, Adrian began to realise that nearly everything he was taught didn’t apply in the real world, and so he set about re-educating himself about enterprise through taking on various roles in all sorts of industries and marketplaces.

The successes he created through this led to him being approached to turn-around an ailing enterprise support agency, be invited to contribute to national policy, and gain several national/international awards for his support to social enterprise. He’s also been named as one of the UK’s top 10 business advisors.


Adrian Ashton

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

Studies and research show that the UK economy is increasingly moving to one that is underpinned by micro businesses – and yet government policy seems to continue to favour larger businesses with little recognition for the rest of us, so anything that can help redress this is surely a good thing.

Within this wider economy, social enterprises (business that trade primarily to create good in society) and co-operatives seem to be lauded by all political parties, yet all start out as micro-enterprises. Many stay at this size for various legitimate reasons, but the support available to them from their sector bodies seem to struggle to recognise and meet the needs of smaller enterprises being different to larger ones. Resulting, I try and be active in championing and support them both through direct support, and also in seeking to influence the wider contexts and networks in which they seek to trade.

Micro businesses of all types don’t want special treatment, they just want the same consideration as their larger counterparts – and that’s why I’m proud to support initiatives like MicroBizMatters Day to try and redress these apparent inequalities in the markets and contexts that all enterprises exist.

Make a donation

Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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