Venue, Studios and #Rocking Party Partner

Portobello Business Centre is an award winning business development agency and enterprise agency described as ‘the best in London’. It offers a wide range of services for people who want to set up on their own and for already established businesses planning to expand. Check out their website for the courses, business advice and the consultancy they offer.

Based in North Kensington, they have over 25 years of experience in providing impartial business advice, training, networking and consultancy to pre-start, start-up and existing businesses. Many of their services are partially subsidised. They have helped start numerous businesses from a variety of sectors including Innocent Drinks, Preen, Arganic, Incognito, Carrieme, 009Textiles, Mark Fahart, The Pure Package, Unpackaged, Lorella Belli Literary Agent and Karen Karam.

Chief Executive Allen Pluck and his team have been massive supporters of Enterprise Rockers’ campaigns and on the first #MicroBizMattersDay, provided successful micro business owner clients of theirs to be interviewed during the #DesignandCreativeHour.

#Rockingest Team Portobello Business Centre making the point that the #MicroBizMattersDay 8 hr do is #NoHatNoEntry

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