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Sponsoring the Makers, Creators & Manufacturers Section

Session Time: 11.00 – 11.45

Hi, we’re My Parcel Delivery. We’re the award-winning comparison site that proudly serves over 200 countries with simple and speedy parcel delivery services.

We’ve negotiated special discounts and deals with a load of top carrier partners, so we pass those savings straight on to you.
With simple bulk order tools and benefits for loyal business accounts, it couldn’t be easier to save a packet on sending parcels.

With an expert support team on hand to clear-up problems, and a wealth of tips and guides for senders, it’s no wonder we serve over 100,000 customers per year.


Why we’re supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

We’re passionate about micro businesses, because we were one. That’s why we want to support #MicroBizMatters Day; not just today, or on the 12th of January, but every day.

Micro businesses are the go-getting, enterprising types that we want to help grow and thrive. Businesses with 0-9 employees rightfully deserve adequate and equal support and recognition from their peers, suppliers, government and customers.

David Grimes, our CEO and Founder, started My Parcel Delivery from his parents’ kitchen table back in 2010 after frustration in a Post Office queue led him to question why it cost so much time and money to simply send parcels.

As My Parcel Delivery grew from a micro to a small business, before expanding and forming part of Sorted Group, David’s passion for enterprise has only grown. We understand that there’s a certain spark and agility that comes with the freedom of working in a micro business; it’s a spirit that we’ve proudly worked hard to maintain, despite now having nearly 100 members of staff in the Group.

So between the knowledge we have in the business from the journey we’ve been on, and our inspiring micro biz customers we serve every day, we’re absolutely thrilled to be joining this event to raise awareness and support for the worker bees of the economy.

Make a donation

Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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