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Larsen Howie

Larsen Howie are providers of specialist insurances and IR35 advice to contractors, freelancers and consultants. With bespoke, market leading insurances and a state of the art website offering an instant quote and buy facility, we help protect micro businesses from a range of disputes, disasters and accusations via our Professional Indemnity, Public (& Employers) Liability, Legal Expenses, Tax and IR35 insurances.

In addition, we have vast experience of dealing with, advising on, and guiding micro businesses with regards to the minefield that is IR35. With an expert team in-house, including ex HMRC inspectors, which we work with micro businesses by offering a range of IR35 contract reviews, insurances, consultancy, HMRC investigation defence representation and training, keeping them up to date, compliant and able to focus on their core activities on a day to day basis.

Why we’re supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’… not a phrase that gets banded about a huge amount, but one that represents the greatest opportunity for micro businesses. Almost entirely gone are the days of the working population of a village migrating en mass from their homes every morning to just a few places of work no more than a mile or two away, to do the same task repetitively for weeks, months and often decades. Those halcyon days were replaced with the third industrial revolution, where analogue changed to digital and computers opened up an unthinkable number of opportunities, and continue to do so.

Merging from that, and at a rapid pace, is the next industrial revolution, the fourth one, and what an opportunity it presents for micro businesses. Short term projects, collaboration, fluid workforces etc… all are exponentially key aspects to this new way or working.

But why the history lesson? Well, given the pace that developments now move at, the key component is supply, and who better than micro businesses to provide that – they’re nimble, flexible, open minded and driven amongst many other fantastic attributes.

The way of the world is changing, yet legislation is not keeping a pace, especially employment and tax, too often trying to shoe horn new practices into old thinking.

The need for those in power to recognise, engage and support grows more by the day, as micro businesses tend to get support only from likeminded others, but that support network needs to be expanded, so join us in supporting the #MicroBizMatters Day

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Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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