Imogen Allen has kindly listed her Top 13 Twitter Hours (in no particular order other than the first one because she is the host!)….

  1. #elevenseshour daily 11-12pm
  2. #UKBusiness Lunch daily 12-1pm
  3. #MidlandsHour Wednesday 8-9pm (The Biggest in the Midlands!)
  4. #britcrafthour Monday 9-10pm( Brilliant for artists and crafters)
  5. #1pmlunch daily 1-2pm (with a quiz on a Wednesday)
  6. #smartnetworking Thursday 7-8pm
  7. #UKWeekendHour Saturday 9-10am
  8. #UKEarlyHour daily 8-9am
  9. #UKLateHour daily 9-10pm
  10. #BizHour daily 2-3pm
  11. #ladiescoffeehour Thursday 7-8pm
  12. #B2BHour Daily 3-4pm
  13. #SBS Tweet to @TheoPaphitis every Sunday between 5.30-7pm to showcase you and your business

Read the full blog post here…

I am Imogen Allen and my company is Umbrella Digital Media. I love to take the stress and worry out of business owners lives by solving their digital problems. I love to set up systems with email management services to help businesses be as automated as they can. I also deliver WordPress solutions and support to business owners so they can turn their business ideas into reality.


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