Although I am a head roadie for #MicroBizMattersDay I still like to contribute in some way to help micro business owners, I hope that my 13 tips below will help you become more productive in your business in 2017.

1. Take a number of small breaks each day, I take my dogs for a walk twice a day for 45 minutes each time and I always have at least 1 hour for lunch.

2. Batch your similar tasks together, this means you can accomplish more tasks each day, for example do all your invoicing on one day, pay your bills on one day etc…

3. Visit the Productivityist website and blog, it’s my current favourite website owned by Mike Vardy, he knows everything about productivity!

4. Join my Facebook group, Online Productivity Tools & Applications, where we discuss time saving tools and apps which you might be able to use in your business.

5. Theme your months, your weeks, your days – this is a top tip from Mike Vardy (above), by doing this you have a focus each day, week, month… I’ve already themed the first few months of 2017.

6. Use a tool which records the various tasks you do on your computer, to see the tasks you are spending a lot of time on. I use RescueTime and also one specifically for a Mac, Timing.

7. Only check and respond to emails once or twice per day… if you can! This depends on your business, but try to reduce the time you spend on email by checking it less. You can also set-up rules for things such as when you’re CC’d into a message, this can be filed somewhere which you can check less often. Or use Mike’s way of handling emails.

8. Keep track of all your tasks in one tool, app or notebook – you don’t have to go digital for your to-do list, but keep all your tasks in one place. I recommend Todoist or Asana if you have others working with you in your business.

9. Outsource the tasks in your business that you don’t have to do yourself! This is the best productivity tip, you can save so much time, earn more doing what you love as well as growing your business by outsourcing more. You can hire a freelancer for almost any task these days, or a virtual assistant to help with day to day admin and other general tasks.

10. Automate tasks that don’t require your input… similar to outsourcing there are many tasks you can automate. There are two tools which are super cool, IFTTT and Zapier, check them out! You can of course automate some of your social media by scheduling ahead of time. Just remember not to automate it all!

11. Do your important tasks when you are at your best – for example, I tend to be more focussed in the mornings so I will do important client work, and then in the afternoons I am more creative so I choose other tasks for then.

12. Turn off all notifications when you’re doing important work, that goes for your computer notifications and your mobile phone too. I am not so good at this one, but when I really need to concentrate I turn everything off…

13. Sign up to my newsletter to receive productivity tips, each month I provide top productivity articles which could save you heaps of time!

Jo Harrison Virtual Assistant

Jo Harrison is a British virtual assistant living in France, she’s worked with Tony and Tina for some years now and is a head roadie for #MicroBizMattersDay. She’s in charge of the website and supports Tina and Tony with the massive task of social media. This year, Jo’s goal is to make sure she and everyone she works with are as productive as they can be! 

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