I’ve worked in a variety of industries… banking, local and national government, automotive and the most recent the energy market. I have always been involved in continuous improvement activities and have gained a lot of experience in lots of different systems.

However, I found that I had reached a time, when I wanted less stress and more control over my work/life balance. We had bought a renovation project in Northern France 9 years ago, and we made the decision to move over here for good last February. Nearly immediately I started working on my VA business, learning new programs, reading about content marketing and SEO, being EVEN more active on social media that I had been previously and designing landing pages and email marketing campaigns for small business owners. I’m not sure that I work any less than I did before, but I can decide when to do it, within reason, and when to ‘down tools’ and enjoy the countryside for an hour or so…I’ve never looked back!

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

As a newbie in the small business world, I know how difficult it is to get started, to find the right tools and systems and how easy it is to become totally daunted by all the information out there, until you feel like your spinning out of control.

Having a network of support when you work on your own is really important and if I can help support that networking, well I am delighted to be able to do so! Being able to support it from France also demonstrates you can work from wherever you want and supports my decision to move to a more peaceful location, without having detrimental effect on my ability to work!

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