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Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

When we think of business sometimes what springs to mind is the huge companies, the companies that have prime time adverts on TV, the companies spear-headed by famous entrepreneurs. But there are also other businesses that make an impact and they are micro businesses. These businesses have completely different needs to larger businesses and although we all face challenges, some which are very similar, the way they are dealt with may be quite different as a result.

As a micro business ourselves we know how valuable support can be. From just talking through challenges, to celebrating successes, it can be a fantastic feeling knowing that people support you and you support them, especially when you know how they feel.

Moving to self-employment can be very daunting and scary, but also very exciting. It can be very comforting to know that people have done it and to hear the stories and experiences from people who have.

There are amazing micro businesses that have amazing products and services and are doing amazing things within the community. Every single ones makes a difference and we feel that they should all get the recognition they deserve as micro businesses set the foundations, flourish and truly matter.

Rachel, twenty-two and Laura Beattie, twenty- nine are sisters and the co-founders of Careaux, an online luxury womenswear brand. Both were born in Manchester and currently live in Stretford with their two dogs Brooke and Zippy. They have created the Careaux black dress, a dress the first of its kind, all handmade in Manchester, which adapts to your unique style and shape.

When Rachel was fourteen she came up with the idea of the Careaux black dress combining her love for maths and fashion. She told Laura of the dream that she had and from that moment the ambition of the two sisters was to create Careaux. Then Rachel studied at Loreto Grammar School where Laura also studied. Rachel went onto graduate from the university of Manchester with a masters degree in mathematics whilst Laura studied history and law.

Careaux was part of the Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest programme.

Visit https://www.careaux.com

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