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Penny Power has dedicated the past 20 years to small businesses since she Founded Ecademy, the first online business social network in 1998. Over this period of evangelising and teaching how to build brand and communities to many people and organisations, Penny now seeks to build an offline social network to rebalance the negative effects that the offline world is having on people. Loneliness and Productivity issues create massive challenges for small businesses.

Penny is launching her new offline social network in the form of The Business Cafe which has 4 main commitments, the culture of the community, the delivery of skills, a place to safely trade and a ‘strong mind-strong business’ strategy to support anxiety, depression and loneliness in self employment and small business.

Penny always speaks from the heart with an honest account of her own personal journey of being a business owner and her big mission, started in 1998 is to ‘connect business hearts’ not just their wallets.


Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

A number of years ago I came across Tina and Tony and their mission to support MicroBusiness, I think this was the first time I had ever heard of the term and I loved it. I consider Tina and Tony as the parents of this sector. Their unconditional support, commitment and love of all those brave people who step into the world of self employment and even begin to scale beyond themselves by employing others is so inspiring and so hugely needed.

#MicroBizMatters Day highlights this sector to the country, Government and the large Companies that should consider them more in their supply chain and for that reason this Day is one that I support each year and feel so privileged to be part of.

Being a Micro Business, employing less that 9 people is a very rewarding experience. However, we cannot ignore the challenges. The breadth of skills needed across the disciplines of business, the level of fast connecting to people with knowledge and skills, that can only be achieved from a large network, the marketing skills, the mental stamina and positivity required to bring you back from the occasionally but body blowing disappointments, and the complete focus on a vision. This just scraps the surface on the life as a Micro Business.

Through #MicroBizMatters Day we see all these areas discussed, shared and highlighted. I cannot think of a better way to start 2018 and we at The Business Cafe are so thrilled and grateful to be part of it.

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Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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