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Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMatters Day

The IAB has supported #MicroBizMattersDay since it was launched in 2015.  We have worked closely with Tony Robinson and Tina Boden over the years who have provided free guidance, support and inspiration for our members.

Many of our members are working as bookkeepers or in a similar area and are either self-employed or work for micro businesses.  Many of their clients fall into the same category.  Micro businesses account for the majority of businesses in the UK and play a significant role in the economy.  They should therefore be recognised for their hard work and supported so they can grow and achieve their ambitions and goals.  We are passionate about helping micro businesses and provide support to our members in a number of ways so they can in turn play a vital role in supporting their employers or clients.

#MicroBizMattersDay is an excellent way of raising the profile of such a crucial part of the economy. I would therefore encourage as many people as possible to take part in supporting this very important day, whether it’s giving a mention on social media to an independently owned and run micro business in your area or buying a product or service from a micro business.

Janet is originally from Manchester and started her first business when she was 19.  She had been working previously as a bookkeeper and payroll clerk so had very early experience in keeping financial records.

She started her own bookkeeping practice, JJBA when she moved to Essex in 2000. It began in her front room and grew quickly, becoming a limited company in 2011 with a portfolio of over 150 clients. Janet closed JJBA Ltd in 2015 when she moved back to the North of England.

Janet was the Finance Director for the Federation of Small Businesses.  She also previously served as the Chair of the Council for the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB), a leading awarding and professional body for bookkeepers.  Janet has recently taken up the new position of Chief Executive at the IAB.

Visit https://www.iab.org.uk

Make a donation

Whether you are a micro, medium or macro business that believes the smallest of businesses really matter, then please donate to The #MicroBizMatters Movement and help ensure recognition, action & learning for micro businesses all year round.

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