Having spent more than 25 years in business, tackling just about every issue and opportunity you are likely to encounter, Gary is perfectly placed to advise ambitious businesses with an appetite for growth. 

He asks the difficult questions, the ones no one else dares to ask you – the ones you dare not ask yourself.  He combines this with an uncompromising drive for accountability which has transformed many diverse businesses. 

Gary fulfils many roles for SME businesses – mentor, advisor, coach; at the heart of it is a desire for business owners to live the life they dreamed about when they first started a business.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

The volume of micro business owners has significantly increased in recent years with more than 95% of the 5.4M UK private sector businesses now classified as micro.

These businesses are a fundamental linchpin to the global, national and local economy. This is due to the level of economic value they are adding the employment they generate and the communities that they support.

However, many of these business owners have little if any experience running a business and often don’t know what they need to be a successful entrepreneur.  50% of businesses in the UK do not make it to the five-year mark.

It is imperative that an environment is generated to enable these business owners to prosper. They require minimum legislation and taxation and expert advice and support where it is needed.

MicroBizMattersDay provides a unique opportunity for thousands of experienced entrepreneurs and advisers to pass on expert tips and answer key questions, supporting the needs of the global, national and local micro business owners.

Gary King is well placed to offer such advice and will be following conversations on Twitter to answer questions and offer advice and support to make sure businesses get off to a successful 2016. Gary has also developed an 8-step guide offering key tips to aid growth available here.

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Website: www.tendo-uk.com

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