What does one do when there’s no real career path for someone whose career assessment was ‘petrol pump attendant’? I was drawn to NGOs and no-for-profit organisations as they always seemed to need organising and sorting out. So much to do, so little to do it with. I had found my vocation and stayed working in charitable foundations until friends put me in touch with a bunch of out of control architects & as their office manager, I never looked back.

Moving to Portugal, I needed something to keep our heads above water and so started up Red Box Business Support. 

I work with executive coaches, entrepreneurs and small businesses with their day to day administration, long and short term projects and one off sourcing assignments; organisational support when they need it most.

I have been described as tactful, resourceful, determined & flexible. I am tenacious, organised and personable. 

Working as I do gives me the flexibility to pursue other loves; namely my animals & being out in the sunshine. We have a base in Central Portugal, as well as space in the UK, so I am able to combine work with my other love of titivating in the garden!

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

MicroBizMattersDay is so important to businesses like mine. Where else would you get the chance to chat with, learn from and generally pump for information more than a dozen business leaders? I hope to give my #IGave13 minutes not just on the day, but through the coming weeks with like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as supporting micro businesses through the year.

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Website: http://www.redboxvirtualoffice.com

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