Maria-Dee is an entrepreneur, micro-business coach and CEO of the UK’s “largest social network” for startups and small businesses, a 300,000 strong online community – UKStartUp.

Starting her first business several years ago, Dee now spends most of her time working with early-stage and micro businesses across the UK, supporting them from the ideation phase through to initial fundraising and growth stages.

Dee is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and is often referred to as an ‘eternal optimist’ for her passionate persistence and belief that there are truly no limitations in business and in life.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Roughly 95% of all businesses in the UK are micro-businesses with a vast majority being owner-operated businesses with no employees. This means that a #microbiz owner usually has to wear several hats at once: from developing their products, managing finances to selling to their customers.Even for the most skilled entrepreneur this is no easy feat; which is why the largest business population in the UK could do with all the support that they can get. 

UKStartUp is proud to support #MicroBizMattersDay 2016 as not only does our online community of startups made up of mostly micro-business owners but as a micro-business ourselves we understand the challenges presented to microbiz owners from day-to-day. The micro-business community can often get lost in the crowd of SME’s so it’s important to offer dedicated and more tailored support that addresses their unique needs. At UKStartUp we’re all about supporting business communities, to connect, learn and most importantly grow because #MicroBizMatters. 

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