Tom Evans is an author and internationally recognised meditation guide who specialises in teaching practical applications of mindfulness. He loves exploring how we can use the meditative state to generate real world outcomes, such as generating more time and increasing creativity and productivity. He also hosts the popular podcast called The Zone Show which explores how we get in that magical place where creativity blossoms.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Small is beautiful. From single seeds, we can bring a beautiful flower to bud and blossom, grow a field of wheat or allow a massive tree to grow. The produce of our seeds is what entrance us, feed us and drive us.

When it comes to business, it is the solopreneurs and SMEs who are planting these seeds and sowing and nurturing the seeds for the future. Some micro-businesses are creating new ‘seed varieties’ that have never been seen before.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since leaving university with a degree in electronics in 1979. By the time I was 25, I had my own manufacturing business in the broadcasting industry. At 30, I had turned over my 1st million and I had several patents to my name. In my mid-40s, I switched away from high tech industry and unexpectedly became an author and mindfulness teacher.

Now in my late 50s, I can look back at my career and see the common thread has been to plant seeds and to see what grows as a result. Some ideas withered and others blossomed. All the way through, I learned and had fun. These days my books and meditations are seeds that are planting ideas in the minds of others.

For me, such seed ideas would be strangled in large organisation with too much red tape and process.

Small is beautiful and micro businesses matter to me!

#IGave13 Mindfulness Tips from Tom Evans

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