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Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I don’t normally pay much attention to civil servants who profess to know something about business, but it was a local government official in Sussex who completely transformed my way of looking at it. He said: “Everyone bangs on about attracting a big business that brings 100 new jobs to our area. I would rather encourage 100 small businesses to grow enough to take on one new person each. That is where the real growth lies. And remember, if that big business fails, those 100 jobs are gone. If a small business fails, the damage is limited.” And he was right.

And those who should know better, who think size matters and that big is beautiful, are wrong.

We don’t want big, we want small: we want micro. We want businesses that are agile, nimble, inspired, driven. Who find strength in the networks they build with like-minded souls, generating the power to effect change in society far beyond that of the lumpen giants. Because, with some honourable exceptions, large companies have no other interest but their own.

It is the enterprise, passion and drive of those individuals who invest their all into providing food for their families – and for the families of those who one day will work for them – that fuel this country’s economy. It is a miracle, and it’s taking place way below the radar of a government that only has eyes for size.

MicroBiz doesn’t just Matter. It is everything, and without it we’d have nothing.

Nick Peters, Presenter of Share Radio’s ‘Shop Floor’

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