Kempadoo Millar is a Leeds based headwear company specialising in ready to wear and custom made flat and baker boy style caps. They have created caps for cat walk shows, editorial shoots, sport teams and have a wide range of international clients looking for something bespoke and a little bit different.

Founder Rhian Kempadoo-Millar said:

‘My Scottish Jamaican dad always wore a flat cap to play golf in, but rather than brown or green it was bright red or lemon yellow..worn with a pastel retro jumper. He was always the coolest guy on the golf course! I loved the idea of taking something conventional and giving it an edge’

Kempadoo Millar work closely with world renowned Yorkshire mills such as Abraham Moons, Bateman and Ogden and A W Hainsworth, where they are based, to create collections from locally sourced cloths and tweeds.

‘From the beginning we set out to manufacture within Yorkshire and create headwear from the finest luxury tweeds..which luckily are right on our doorstep’

Kempadoo Millar have launched their fourth collection ‘Hot Step 17’ this month. A beautiful blend of lambswool, modern tweeds and corduroy with ankara print panels, bright under-peaks and quirky detailing.

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