PolicyBee is an independent, digital insurance broker. Our speciality is providing professional insurance for small businesses and freelancers. We began life as a tiny startup based in our CEO’s shed. Now, there are 25 of us – and we’re expanding all the time. Our approach is to provide everything our customers need – and nothing they don’t. That means we never use call centres or phone menus, just friendly, expert advisers. We deal with insurers on your behalf, and use our specialised knowledge to get you the best deals and look out for your best interests.

Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Everyone knows that small businesses are an important part of the UK economy. However, they’re still not getting the help and support they need. We know all too well about the problems a small business can face because we are one ourselves. We believe the best way for small businesses to thrive is to support each other. #MicroBizMattersDay is a great way to do that. It allows small businesses to share advice with their peers. We try to do something similar with our monthly #TheFreelanceWay Twitter chat. However, #MicroBizMattersDay does it on a much grander, global, scale. We’d be ecstatic if we could get over one million joining in with us on Twitter!

It really doesn’t take much to help out your fellow small businesses. By showing that eight minutes is enough time to make a positive difference, we hope #MicroBizMatterDay will get people thinking about more simple but effective ways they can help small businesses.

Micro Biz Matters Day: Our 8 tips for success in 2016


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