Penny is especially focused on the Micro Business that often find the workload of ‘going digital’ tough to manage around their already demanding schedules and business needs. To combat this resource and skill issue Penny founded the Digital Youth Academy to help young people get jobs in the SME community to help them grow and digitally transform.

In the 2014 New Years Honours List Penny was awarded an OBE for her commitment to ‘Entrepreneurship and Social Digital Development’.

In 2016, Penny is bringing to market a new concept in SME Support. The Business Café® will be a network of Café Lounges dedicated to SME’s, run and managed by Young Adults being trained in giving Digital Skills to the local business community.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I have spent yearly 20 years of my life as a Small Business Owner. I live, breath and empathise with the life of this critical sector of the business community. I think these are the bravest of people. Building a life for their families that ensures they are independent and free and critically can make a difference in their own unique way. People like to say “business isn’t personal”, I say it is very personal. When you work to feed your family there is nothing more personal than every minute of your day and night.

I wrote a blog in 2002 called “Emotional wealth leads to financial wealth”. I stated that within communities, local or global, if we can grow our self esteem and self worth through our connections and the feedback they give us, then we will all be able to get up and positively face another day.

It is the people I know that believe in me that have kept me going through dark times as a business owner. We need one another and we need the UK Economy to see how important and how amazing each Micro Business is to it’s growth and its well-being.

I witness the most amazing acts of kindness between local business owners. They share customers, share knowledge, hug each other when times are tough and celebrate on the good days. I love being a small business and I love being in the small business community.

For this reason I support MicroBizMattersDay and I am very proud to be asked to be within everyone on that day.

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