Paul Donno set up 1 Accounts Online Ltd in 2014 after selling his traditional accountancy practice in 2012 after 20 years. Paul could see that small businesses would be moving away from the traditional approach to accountants, he ditched the time sheets and works purely on a monthly fixed fee basis. Highly commended at the British Accountancy Awards for online accounting and recognised by Sage UK as their top online accountancy provider. Paul has spoken across the world on online accounting and last July he addressed an audience in New Orleans as part of the global Sage Summit with 8,000 attendees.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I have been working with Micro Businesses for around 30 years now and the pleasure that I get from helping a business start up with an idea and then flourish is immense. Many businesses have to start somewhere and regardless of ambition they need the correct support. I often take on clients that have started with advice from “my mate down the pub” that was very cheap and then cost them thousands of pounds with incorrect advice. At 1 Accounts Online we are passionate about giving the business owner the right tools to understand their numbers and this is from day one.

Regardless of size the MicroBiz owner really should understand their numbers, they should challenge their advisers until they understand and if the adviser cannot explain it in the language the MicroBiz owner understands then look for another adviser!

The tools readily available online to help run a business are easily accessible we favour SageOne, giving the MicroBiz owner the freedom to invoice on the go via Smart Phone and collaborate with other stake holders in the business in real time including partners, investors, Accountant etc.

As you grow and register for VAT the software can grow with you, including payroll all accessible in real time anywhere around the world.

My advice understand your numbers from day one, set up the business in the best way for your business and work with people that understand you and your business, this includes your bank, solicitor, Accountant, suppliers, staff etc. and of course enjoy what you do.

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