After a lifetime of working as a management accountant for small businesses or running my own companies, I’ve decided it’s time for me to ‘up my game’ and start making a positive difference to business and society. 

In 2010, my partner Mike Wilson and I launched the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB.) We’re a micro business, but in spite of being small we have a big mission: “To change the world – one small business at a time.” We aim to do this by showing that ethical and responsible business can be the most profitable and sustainable.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I spent just one year of my working life, which encompasses too many years to mention, in the corporate world. I couldn’t wait to extract myself and start working with real, authentic people in the small business sector. 

I believe that micro businesses are not only the engine room of the British economy but they also have the potential to be the drivers of the greatest change towards a better society: better for business and better for communities locally and further afield. 

Statistics released by the Government in November 2015 state that 95% of businesses in the UK are micro-businesses accounting for 33% of private sector employment and 18% of turnover. I suspect the figures are actually much higher as due to their very nature, many of the smallest businesses will fall under the radar e.g. VAT and company registration, that is typically used to extract such data. But what everyone does recognise is that #microbiz is showing the biggest growth. Clearly #MicroBizMatters! 

But running your own business can be tough. We need to ensure those little acorns get all the help they need to survive and thrive. 

We are stronger together and I therefore salute the Enterprise Rockers team for all their efforts to promote and support #microbiz. I’m particularly delighted to support the initiative that is #MicrobizMattersDay 2016. The potential for a million micro businesses to be sharing 8 minutes of their time to help support their small business peers is absolutely mind blowing! #MicroBizRocks

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