Julia has always used crystals and gemstones in all aspects of her life, household and car, based on their healing properties and energies.

It was in July 2013 that she created Joolzery, while recuperating from developing pulmonary embolisms and IBS, following a routine operation, which meant she couldn’t earn any money form her first business.

Initially Julia made jewellery to cheer herself up, but when a number of friends and family asked her where they could purchase her original one-off pieces, she decided to launch Joolzery.

Although it was set up to be an on-line business, because the website development took longer than expected Joolzery was officially launched 2 weeks later at the Summer Arts Market in St George’s Hall, in Liverpool, and you can read about my antics here: http://www.joolzery.co.uk/blog/moredetails.php?bid=1

The designs of each individual piece is determined by their healing energies, and when the semi precious gemstones are combined again it is their inherent energies and properties, enabling the wearer to get the full benefit of the semi-precious gemstone healing energies and powers.

Julia is self taught, and enjoys playing around with different techniques of creating jewellery with sterling silver and copper wire, but keeping her designs simple to show of the stones.

She likes to source good quality gemstones which are either alternative cuts and/or colours.

Joolzery really is a combination of Julia’s two great passions crystals and sterling silver jewellery!

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I have been passionate about enterprise since 2001, when I started my first business, and one of my ethoses was to give something back.

The majority of my volunteering work is for organisations who assist and support others to set up and run their own businesses and includes the Princes Trust and Sefton Enterprise Business Partnership.

Setting up a business is easy, but actually running it is a different ball game altogether, that requires a different mindset and attitude to being employed, which can leave the business owner unsupported and isolated.

All businesses start as a small micro business, now matter how big they are now, but them seem to have forgotten that!

There is very little support and recognition by the government to this aspect, and it seems that they are bringing more and more barriers to hinder micro businesses, which is really where the future of the economy and new ideas are coming from.

The handmade arts & crafts movement is beginning to get a lot of traction, and people really love the idea of buying, especially gifts, from artists and crafters that they can interact with, hear their stories and inspiration behind the pieces, as well as knowing that what they are buying is original and made with passion and love!

Majority of people entering into this sector are over 40, but there is no real support for them, I am part of a collective, The Artisan Collective Liverpool, that provides them with an opportunity to promote themselves, their businesses and their handmade wares, as well as support others newer to running a business, based on our collective experiences, skills and knowledge, however #MicroBizMattersDay is a great opportunity for me to do this on a bigger scale, and so I’m really excited to be part of it!

I think #MicroBizMatterDay is important as it recognises that these businesses matter and are important for the economy, gives an important platform as well as raising the profile, and provides the opportunity to learn from others, especially in times of austerity that we are an alternative to big business!

I think it’s going to be a truly inspirational day

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