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JournoLink affordably links small and micro businesses with journalists and the media. JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling business owners to manage their own PR and send out their business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers. JournoLink wants business to cultivate its own news agenda, present it on its news merits and gain credibility and coverage for that. They encourage their clients, including the Enterprise Rockers CIC, to join the social conversation, suggest feature ideas and provide brilliant online tools and resources so that business owners make a valuable contribution that engages the public. Today, everyone and every business can be a media mogul. Most businesses have Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts. JournoLink helps business owners to think like PRs, and to engage the news agenda. The reward is visibility in whichever media they choose. Enterprise Rockers have been proud to collaborate with JournoLink since its inception and the Managing Director of JournoLink, Gemma Guise, was interviewed as part of #MarketingHour on the first #MicroBizMattersDay.

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