Janice B Gordon known as The Problem Solver is the Award Winning Business Growth Creator

Janice is a sought after business growth strategist and founder of Problem Solving Consultancy. Janice is passionate about helping Micros to succeed with their business challenges effectively and profitably. Janice uses the processes that she has developed from over 20 years’ experience of growing businesses. Some of these strategies are outlined in her book Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World.

One client said, “Janice provided valuable strategic direction and customer focus insights; her consultation enabled us to concentrate on the most productive projects that took advantage of our strengths and the market opportunities to transition the business.”

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Enterprise Rockers is an important organisation representing the micro businesses (0-9 people businesses). By the very nature they Micro businesses represent the largest number of business but are highly under-represented and often ignored.

Not all Micro businesses will grow too small and medium business but the contribution they make to the economy is collectively significant. Micro businesses have an important role in maintaining a stable and sustainable local economy and fuelling the global environment.

The Micro-economy, which in my view is highly under estimated, in the psychological, emotional and intellectual benefits of running your own business. It is the aspiration of many people to captain their destiny and although it is harder that perceived, the emotional benefit of learning new things, being out of your comfort zone and stretching your limits is measurable.

Not everyone will succeed at their first business but the lessons learnt makes the experience a great success.

All business owners need recognition and support; Enterprise Rockers is a FREE to join, independently owned, self-help community of micro business owners working to make life in micro enterprise better across the globe. I support Enterprise Rockers, they provide excellent support for this crucial sector. If we can draw attention to the importance of Micro businesses, we can start to reduce the sense of isolation, provide an opportunity and forum to share experiences and encourage more people to follow their dream. #MicroBizMatterDay is an excellent opportunity to promote Micro businesses and get involved in the campaign.

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Website: http://janicebgordon.com

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