Inspired You is a business community offering beautifully-staged learning days and breakfast-club meet-ups for professional people from organisations large and small. In addition to physical events, held locally in Horsham West Sussex, it offers continual support through its social channels, blog and newsletter. Their online resources provide valuable content exploring the themes of leadership, team management, innovation, clear communication and strategy. Founders Clair Fisher and Catherine Goddard are passionate about offering a fresh and fun perspective on learning – encouraging and inspiring people to be their best. They strongly believe that taking time and space for reflection is the key.

Why We’re Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Inspired You is proudly supporting #MicroBizMattersDay, celebrating the growing importance of microbusiness in the business landscape of 2016. 

Inspired You founders, Clair Fisher and Catherine Goddard, are themselves ‘microbizzers’ who have teamed up to create a new enterprise that taps into their different strengths. 

Clair, a professional trainer and coach with over 10 years’ experience, met Catherine, a copywriter and social media specialist, as neighbours living a few doors apart on the same street. 

After learning about each other’s professional lives, and discovering each other in the virtual world of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, they identified ways in which they could work together. 

In the spirit of microbiz collaboration, they teamed up professionally, fronting #SussexHour on Twitter and LinkedIn for a number of months – then launching Inspired You together. 

Clair is the front woman – Director of Training; while Catherine busily crafts interesting content for the Inspired You blog and the Inspired Times newsletter. The partners relish the freedom that microbiz offers – to shrink or grow commitments to suit their lifestyles as busy mums; and to work with others, sharing opportunities with other local business people where possible. 

They are hosting a #MicroBizMattersDay breakfast to mark this day of recognition, action and learning. Clair and Catherine will be presenting short talks on ‘Social Media for Microbiz’ and ‘Leadership for Microbiz’ – sharing the benefit of their experience with their guests.

#MicroBizMattersDay Meet-Up 8th January

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