Hit the Rocks

We’re raising £8,000 to help micro business owners facing difficulty because running a micro business is hard when crisis hits

There are billions of people across the world running micro businesses, those that employ between 0 & 9 people. Unfortunately however, when the going gets tough, you often have no one to turn to if you are self-employed especially if you are one of the millions who are sole traders. It is at times of crisis that even the smallest amount of money can make a big difference to improve the situation you find yourself in whether through ill health or natural disaster you can feel at rock bottom.

Driven by a passion for micro business that stems back decades, Tony Robinson OBE and I set out on a mission in 2011 to make life in micro business better. On 9th January 2012, we launched Enterprise Rockers. With an ongoing belief that there needs to be greater recognition for the benefits that the smallest businesses in the world bring, Tony and I have invested our time and money we earn from running our own micro businesses to drive this independent community interest company forward.

Micro business owners will be able to apply for a crisis grant of £500.00 to help them through the difficult time they find themselves in. Throughout 2016, the first year if the Hit The Rocks fund, our selection panel of 5 micro business owners will only allocate grants to those that have been affected by flooding or serious ill health. Each applicant will have to complete an application form available help@hittherocks.org that contains specific criteria needed for a grant to be issued.

Though we appreciate many who apply will not want their story shared we do hope that some micro business owners will allow us to share their story so others will be encouraged to apply for a grant if they feel they have Hit The Rocks.

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