14:00 – 14:15

Sarah Lyles

Twitter: lylessarah

14:15 – 14:30

Dan Martin

Founded by Parisian Virginia Allwood and Londoner Dan Martin, who now live together in Bristol, Le Shop UK is an innovative photography, social media and editorial services company. Driven by a passion for showing the beauty in everyday life, Virginia and her trusty camera capture stunning street photography images, and with 12 years’ experience as a journalist, Dan produces killer copy and social media updates. Le Shop UK sells unique prints online, and works with creative brands and events looking to tell their story through beautiful imagery and content.


Twitter: Dan_Martin

14:30 – 14:45

Ellie Gill

Ellie Gill, campaign manager for Love Your Local Market fortnight, an annual celebration of our British Markets that takes place in May, will be discussing the importance of markets as economic enablers. Since 2012, in response to the plight of the High Street, LYLM has put entrepreneurship at the heart of it’s ambitions to help SME’s find their feet on the business ladder. Each year the thousand markets that take part offer stalls for £10 or less. You can find out more about Love Your Local Market by following @loveurlocalmkt or chat to Ellie on Twitter @MrsMarketUK.

Twitter: loveurlocalmkt / MrsMarketUK

14:45 – 15:00

Clare Nielson

Clare Neilson is an MSc Nutrition graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University who set up her own micro-bakery in October 2013 based in Levenshulme, Manchester. Conscious Confections takes orders from email, telephone and via the website. Customers can specify dietary requirements, but uniquely can also select from a variety of ethically sourced ingredients. These include fair-trade, organic or local produce. Mico businesses matter as it is important to help support the local economy and local employers.

Twitter: c_confec

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