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Who are Enterprise Rockers?

Driven by a passion for micro business that stems back decades, more decades than they would like to admit, Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE set out on a mission in 2011 to make life in micro business better.


On 9th January 2012, on North Bay beach in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Enterprise Rockers was launched. With no Government funding, no bank or corporate organisation sponsorship just an ongoing belief that there needs to be greater recognition for the benefits that the smallest businesses in the world bring, Tina and Tony have invested time and money they earn from running their own micro businesses to drive this independent community interest company forward.

As Enterprise Rockers has grown so has the number of people owning businesses that employ between 0 & 9. In the UK alone there are just under 5 million micro businesses with an estimated 500,000 starting out on the self employment path every year. Many different networks engage with the owners of these businesses and support them in different ways. At Enterprise Rockers we are not looking to re-invent the wheel we just want to keep it turning, helping those that are beyond start up to keep going.

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Enterprise Rockers is a ‘network of networks’ – we are a free to join in band of people who get together through online and offline networking, linking those that engage with us to existing organisations that can help them if necessary. Social Media, Micro Biz Matters Day events or informal interaction where you live is all part of ensuring micro business owners see the benefits of being involved with a band of people that are doing it for themselves and ensuring they are rocking the global economies by creating the ‘Power of Plenty’.

If you employ between 0 & 9 people you are a micro business owner and that makes you an Enterprise Rocker – come and join the band!


Tina Boden (Co-founder)

Tina Boden

One of the UK’s leading voices for Micro Business, an Independent Business Ambassador, Strategist, Networker, Collaborator, Speaker, Writer & Giver of Time.

Tina Boden is 3rd generation self-employed, she did not go to university after completing a vocational qualification at college because she wanted to be involved with the family business. By the age of 21 Tina was running her own business, in partnership with her Mum, and has been running micro businesses every since, apart from a brief spell when she tried employment, this did not last, she believes she is officially ‘unemployable’.

Based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, but working anywhere in the world that people want her, using the benefits that technology brings, Tina now, through her rebranded business, The Efficiency Angel, shares over 25 years of experience helping others who are running micro businesses, charities or social enterprises keep their organisation on the right track. She ensures business owners develop and flourish through strategic implementation. ‘People always think it sounds complicated’ says Tina ‘but when I point out it is just a case of planning then staying focused they usually reply ‘That’s just what I need’’

A portfolio entrepreneur, though not a great lover of the over used word entreprenuer, Tina is also Managing Director of Business Advisory Bureau. This micro business helps large organisations become micro business friendly. In addition they ensure those just starting out on the path of self employment are guided by experts that have actually run their own business.

In January 2012 Tina co-founded Enterprise Rockers with Tony Robinson OBE, an independent community interest company that they co-fund. This network of networks helps to make life in micro business better bringing together the

‘Power of Plenty’ – the force created by micro business collaboration and inter-trading. Enterprise Rockers works not just across the UK but the world. In January this year they held their first global Micro Biz Matters Day via online Google Hangouts – it was a huge success and will become an annual support day for those running some of the smallest businesses globally.

Tina gives 20% of her time back to charities and good causes through what she calls her ‘Give A Little Back’ scheme. ‘Give A Little Back’ is time and goodwill donations rather than monetary and offers strategic development, fundraising, event management or online and offline network support. As well as her ongoing role as Trustee of Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust, Non- Executive Director of The BEACH, Yorkshire Coast Homes’ social enterprise that helps young people & long term unemployed with employability skills and training, a Voice for the Positive Image campaign, helping inspire confidence in young people, and Small Business Saturday UK Ambassador, Tina chooses a number of other charities to support every year. 2015’s theme is Food & Shelter and Tina has taken on the role of Yorkshire Coast Ambassador for SASH, a York based charity helping to prevent youth homelessness, while also supporting The Rainbow Centre Fundraising Committee & the Huddersfield Town Foundation who feed around 1000 children day through Early Kick Off Breakfast Clubs.

In 2012, as a commitment to what she believes in, Tina pledged to only buy goods and services from independent businesses whenever she can and now spends around 90% of her shopping budget with them while encouraging others to do the same.

Tony Robinson OBE Profile Pic

Tony Robinson OBE

Author, Speaker and Micro Enterprise Revolutionary; Co-Founder, Enterprise Rockers CIC; Executive Chair, The Business Advisory Bureau Limited, Founder & Co-Owner, The SFEDI Group (including the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs).

Tony is a professional micro enterprise champion, speaker, broadcaster and author. Tony was honoured in 2001 by an OBE for services to small firms and training. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Enterprise from the IAB in 2012 and another from Start Your Business Magazine In 2013. He was ranked 73 in the Fresh Business Power Thinking 100 for the UK in October 2014.

His latest, of seven books, is ‘the Amazon 5 star rated, top selling, satire; ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’. Leading entrepreneurs have called it ‘The funniest business book I have ever read’; ‘Full of absolute business truths’ and ‘I snorted with laughter’. Tony is the only non-fictional character in the book.

Since 1986, co-founder, co-owner and chair of The Business Advisory Bureau Limited a consultancy and specialist enterprise research, promotion and solutions consultancy and provider of business owner learning media.

Tony founded The Business Advisory Bureau Limited with his best friend, Clare Francis and they went on to found other businesses, including those involved in enterprise learning and support. Co-Founder of the Enterprise Rockers CIC, the amazing Tina Boden, is Managing Director and their great friend and learning and skills researcher and developer, Nigel Hudson is the fourth co-owner and Director.

All our clients are large organisations wishing to increase their engagement with, and supply to, business owners in small (10-49 employees) and micro (0-9) enterprises. We help with the development, marketing and customer service for national policies, programmes, products and services.

In 1995 Tony founded, and remains a co-owner of, the SFEDI Group (including the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs). SFEDI is the Government recognised, national and international sector skills body for enterprise. SFEDI specialises in skills development, qualifications and learning for small, medium and micro businesses and those who support them.

In January 2012, Tony, with Tina Boden, co-founded and co-funds the Enterprise Rockers CIC. This free, indie, no membership, informal, ‘network of networks’ campaigns and brings together many hundreds of thousands of micro enterprise owners to help each other survive and thrive.

With help from a partnership of Sage UK and Google for Work, the Enterprise Rockers CIC runs the annual and global #MicroBizMattersDay – next date Jan 8 2016.

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