I started Piddington Jam around 3 years ago out of a lifestyle choice. I knew what I wanted in my life and how I wanted to split my time, and I was also looking for true job satisfaction. The best way for me to get to that point was to be my own boss and to take control of my future. By way of industry choice, I have been making jam since I was a child and when I began experimenting with flavours loved the potential preserves had to offer – it was as exciting and indulgent as it used to be when I was younger and I just knew I wanted to my customers to see that, too.

We are a British artisan, luxury jam company based in London and rooted in English tradition. We offer innovative flavours of jams and marmalades that mix a classic fruit with an herb or spice, such as Apricot & Rosemary jam or Lemon & Thyme marmalade. All are hand made without additives or preservatives. We believe preserves have much to offer and our recipes have been developed and designed to encourage you to be adventurous and see the versatility of jam and marmalade. Not only are they delicious on toast and scones, but can transform sweet and savoury dishes.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

I am supporting this event because I remember how overwhelmed I felt after I had left my job to start my company – there was so much to discover and learn and it was hard to know where to begin or even know if I was missing anything out. So I enjoy being able to advise and guide people where I can and try to help make things a lot more straight forward.

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Website: http://www.piddingtonjam.co.uk/

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