Carolyn Frank

Carolyn has owned Libby Butler Jewellers in Helmsley since 2009, retailing personally selected high quality gold and silver jewellery and watches from UK and International Designers with a range of complementary services like made-to-order wedding rings, jewellery repairs, pearl restringing and engraving.  Previously working for large multinationals, Carolyn loves the dynamic of Helmsley’s small business community in her second career and is a founder member of Helmsley in Business and involved with the Federation of Small Businesses policy team as well as running the shop. Find her with her I-phone attached to her for Twitter @libbybutlers and Facebook.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Micro Businesses are dynamic, flexible and tuned in to their customer needs. Their owners are usually hungry for success, highly motivated and integrated into their local communities. These things combined are a powerful force for good in the local economy, but it is far more wide reaching than that – the UK economy relies on the thousands of self-employed to drive their businesses forward, often with little input from external sources, in order for our national economy to grow.  

Micro businesses are able to react quickly to changing markets – they don’t need to convene a board meeting and pass decisions around departments in order to make changes, they constantly evaluate their environment and adapt. This is a valuable skill in difficult economic times and by their nature, they are resourceful and flexible. 

Micro businesses are do-ers! They get on with their business, because they have to in order to survive, because their income and often their family lives depend on business success, this is a far bigger motivation than a monthly salary. This is the answer to turning the UK economy around – motivation and hard work in abundance is found in spare bedrooms, on laptops on knees while the kid’s play, and in a multitude of small business premises up and down the country.  

Microbizmatters because without them, there would be stagnation in the whole economy, they are driving things forward from the smallest start onwards and upwards.

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