Andrew Ramroop is a Master Tailor: A men’s wear designer, pattern-cutter and Ultra Hand-Made Bespoke Tailor. He is the only tailor on Savile Row to be honoured with an OBE by Her Majesty and holds a Professorship for Distinction in the Field of Tailoring from the University of the Arts London. He is Director of Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row, where style, elegance and comfort comes from experienced cutting, perfect fitting, and elite skills in handcraft tailoring. Maurice Sedwell delivers the pinnacle of sartorial excellence. Andrew is also Principal at Savile Row Academy where the best tailors of the future are trained.

Why I’m Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay

Mr Maurice Sedwell started a small tailor shop on Fleet St and in 1963 moved to larger premises on Savile Row. Just over 10 years later I joined the company as an apprentice, as understudy to Mr Sedwell, doing many tasks that I resented at the time. But it turned out that they were invaluable tasks because what I was actually doing was learning to run a business. Small businesses are like sleeping giants, but in order to wake that giant we need support – to grow, with training, with exports, with business plans. #MicroBizMatters because it’s offering small businesses the right tools and support for people running small businesses to develop.

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