Alysia Silberg

Alysia has been a self-driven serial entrepreneur, strategist, mentor, successful TEDx and keynote speaker, mathematician and co-owner of multiple successful enterprises, which she has helped establish and incubate over the past 15 years. Alysia is an expert in passionately leading and empowering teams and building data driven solutions for numerous multinational companies. Alysia is based at her New York Office but has offices in Cape Town and London too.

In addition to her commercial activities, Alysia was voted one of the three most Inspirational women in Technology in the UK*, is an UN Women Empower Women Global Champion with a focus on Entrepreneurship, an IGD Jennifer Potter Emerging Global Leader Fellow and a Finalist in the Inspiration Category of the FDM #everywomanUK Technology Awards for 2016.

In her spare time, Alysia reads 50 books a month.

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